Located in Los Angeles and open five days a week, we provide respite for the families who need it most. Our state of the art sensory center nourishes the children’s minds and bodies. Enrichment activities such as music, dance, art and sports help each child develop and shine.  Healthy dinners are served, and happy and content children are returned to their parents ready for a good night’s sleep!


The work of a parent with special needs never ends – and neither does ours.  When parents need additional support, babysitting, connection to services, and case management, they know they can turn to us.  Social events for families and parents are another important component of our work. Shabbos play dates, specialized babysitters, and day trips are just some of the services we provide. 

It takes a village to raise a child and a city with a heart as big as ours to raise a child with special needs.  Involving children and adults across the community sends a strong message to our families: You are not alone.  It also provides an incredible training for enhanced self awareness, patience, communication skills and much more.  Teenagers, young adults, and older adults who get involved are often even greater beneficiaries than our young friends with special needs. 


PARENTS of children with special needs need to navigate a difficult system and an often un-accommodating world.  To support these incredible people, The Clubhouse hosts a monthly Yoga & Relaxation class – just for parents.  It’s our way of saying – Go Moms and Dads! You are Awesome!


In an effort to spread awareness and the spirit of inclusion, we offer to host birthday parties at The Clubhouse.  A Birthday Package includes a Sensitivity Awareness Training for the Birthday Girl/Boy and his/her friends, and an interactive party to share with our very own Clubhouse Kids.  Contact us to schedule your child’s meaningful birthday experience.